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Cash Shot returns from Vault Comics with the quilt of the Infinity Gautlet model variant of their April 2023 request and proposal.

Tim Seeley And Gisele LagaceAttractive-Optimistic Comedy E-book – PlatinumSilver Shot Again with Shoot cash once more From Vault Comics. Which implies Tim Seeley might have learn this text by Jude Terror and now’s paying tribute. And I am positive Marvel Comics actually enjoys the Infinity Gautlet model cowl. That is Vault Comics’ April 2023 request and proposal.

Re-shooting # 1 CVR A LAGACE (MR)

February 231792
February 231793 – Cash Comes Once more # 1 CVR B SEELEY (MR) – 4.99
February 231796 – Cash Comes Once more # 1 CVR E 10 COPY INCV (MR) – 4.99
February 231797 – Cash Comes Once more # 1 CVR F 25 COPY INCV (MR) – 4.99
February 231798 – Cash Comes Once more # 1 CVR G 50 COPY INCV (MR) – 4.99
February 231799 – Cash Comes Once more # 1 CVR H 100 COPY INCV (MR) – 4.99
(W) Tim Seeley (A / CA) Gisele Lagace
Scavenger XXX is again for the advantage of humanity! When the enormous area jellyfish that operates the ordered universe arrives on Earth, the scientific explorer should get rid of the trend, conflict, and rush once more to take one (or two or three!) For the crew.
An attractive new sequence begins with a deal with the fool billionaire and unhealthy optics and a visitor of honor as an underground comedy heroine! New artist Gisele Lagace reveals her sexiness in a e book!
In-store: April 26, 2023 SRP: 4.99

West of the Rising Solar # 10 CVR A CAMPBELL

February 231800
February 231801 – West of the Rising Solar # 10 CVR B Terry – 4.99
February 231802 – West of the Rising Solar # 10 CVR C SeeLEY – 4.99
(W) Aaron Campbell, Tim Seeley (A) Jim Terry (CA) Aaron Campbell
Griffin is used. The identical is true of Dr. Moreau. And hell of all types exploded on the practice someplace when Sangre De Moro’s heroes and monsters got here collectively.
In-store: April 05, 2023 SRP: 4.99

Finish Finish # 6 CVR A SUNANDO

February 231803
February 231804 – Finish After Finish # 6 CVR B KANGAS – 4.99
(W) Tim Daniel, David Andry (A / CA) Sunando C
Olc revealed! The supply of all of the darkness in Finish After Finish is behind his evil head and pointing at our hero. Walt reveals to Stills that he possesses an artifact and that there’s energy in it, the facility to destroy, and even perhaps make Walt the hero he desires to be.
In-store: April 12, 2023 SRP: 4.99

Door to Door Night time # 5 CVR A CANTIRINO

February 231805
February 231806 – Door to Door Night time # 5 CVR B HURTT – 4.99
(W) Cullen Bunn (A / CA) Sally Cantirino
One thing unhealthy’s hungry or hiding within the icy darkness of Bear Creek, and it is as much as our gross sales crew to qualify for the destruction of this ferocious beast. You understand what which means. Fishing journey! In-store: April 26, 2023 SRP: 4.99


February 231807
February 231808 – NASTY # 2 CVR B CANTIRNO (RES) – 4.99
(W) John Lees (A) Adam Cahoon (A / CA) George Kambadais
Thumper Connell has all the time wished to make his personal horror films and now he has an opportunity. The issue is he has no solid, no crew, no tools, no finances and no time. What he has is a gaggle of pals with superior sources, movies with unusual powers and imaginative pals who Rounded. Is he a dreamer?
In-store: April 26, 2023 SRP: 4.99

GIGA Full TP Sequence

February 231809

Thriller homicide of large robots. Nobody is aware of why the skyscrapers generally known as Giga fought their bitter and protracted battle. All they know is that when the combating lastly stopped, the silent Giga grew to become a brand new haven for humanity and a brand new god in a single. When the disgraceful engineer Evan Calhoun discovers Giga, apparently murdered, his society and non secular order, centered on fascist know-how that governs it, rapidly plunge into chaos. From writer Alex Paknadel (Friendo, Turncoat, Incursion) and rising star John Le to a different Vault & White Noise partnership about what occurs after mechs cease combating. Acquire 5 full downside sequence.
In retailer: Could 24, 2023
SRP: 17.99

Finish TP VOL 01

February 231810
(W) Tim Daniel, David Andry (A / CA) Sunando C
Life is nothing if not a sequence of endings. Faculty. Work. Friendship. Love. Walter Willem’s loss of life was fast and surprising. His life is an unremarkable life. So does his story proceed just like the cannonball within the endless battle fought in opposition to the darkness that by no means Could be swallowed, which destroys all existence?
In retailer: Could 31, 2023
SRP: 19.99

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